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Financial Services



Tuition for the MSIT eBusiness graduate degree program is set in the spring for the class entering in the following Fall. The tuition rate for students entering the program in Fall 2012 is $51,300.  Tuition is generally payable in three equal installments. (Fall, Spring, Summer) In addition to their program’s tuition, students are accessed approximately $321.00 in additional fees by Carnegie Mellon to pay for access to the city bus, student activities such as the Graduate Student Assembly, and a technology fee. In addition, all tuition bills include a charge for the standard health insurance plan (the least expensive of all the plans offered). Students who already have health insurance comparable to those offered by Carnegie Mellon, may submit a waiver form and have the charge removed from their tuition. Students may also upgrade to the enhanced plan should they wish to have more coverage. See the Health Services  website for more information about insurance.

Billing & Payment

All admitted students who accept the admission offer, will be entered into the Carnegie Mellon Student Information System (SIS). The system is the basis for registering classes and tuition billing among other on-line services. Once registered for courses, a tuition bill will be generated through Enrollment Services (the HUB). Each semester, tuition must be paid one week prior to the first day of classes.

Financial Assistance

Funding through grants or fellowships is currently not available through the program. Students seeking financial assistance should contact the Carnegie Mellon Financial Aid department. There are also numerous scholarship opportunities that have been found by students in the past. It is the responsibility of the student to discover these options.

Many students apply for personal loans to cover tuition and living costs. Personal loans may be obtained through one of the major banks in Pittsburgh. Some students may require a sponsor to be approved for these loans. Please contact these banks for any assistance in securing a loan. The MSIT eBusiness staff cannot offer advice or resources in locating financial assistance.

PNC Bank
Citizens Bank