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Course Workload


eBusiness Program Tasks
The program consists of 16 tasks, each lasting 2-3 weeks. The purpose of tasks is for the students to learn skills that cannot be taught effectively in a classroom setting and to work on projects that are too large for a single individual.

The program culminates in the practicum where students put their education to the test in an actual business environment. Student teams develop solutions to business problems using the latest information technologies. More than a simple internship, the practicum involves real responsibility, accountability, and rigor.

JAVA for Application Programmers (08-671) and J2EE Web Application Development (08-672)
Students who do not have adequate skills in the Java programming language must take 08-671, “JAVA for Application Programmers” and 08-672, “J2EE Web Application Development” during the Fall semester. Those with a strong background in java programming may ask for an exemption with permission of the instructor(s). However the student will need to complete 6 or 12 unit approved elective in its place.

Elective Courses
To allow students to take advantage of the learning opportunities in the university, each student is required to take two electives. The courses must be a 12 unit course (or two 6 unit courses) for a total of 24 elective unit.  We do not permit our students to take any electives in the Fall semester, besides 08-732 Law of Computer Technology.
*please note that only graduate course can be used to satisfy the elective requirement.

Summary of Course Workload