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Program Overview


With the Internet pervading all aspects of business, the eBusiness Technology program of study prepares students to play a variety of mission critical roles in leveraging the power of technology across the enterprise. Whether in an entrepreneurial start-up or enabling eBusiness technology within an existing company, students are prepared to provide technical leadership and an informed strategic vision.

Carnegie Mellon has transformed the eBusiness technology program into a story-centered curriculum. Instead of separate courses, the entire program consists of an integrated series of projects designed to help you acquire and practice the essential skills and knowledge that you will use upon graduation in the real world. Working with your fellow students in high-performance teams you learn by doing, putting new skills and knowledge into practice immediately. Expert program faculty are always available to provide advice, guidance, feedback, and one-on-one coaching.

In this story-centered curriculum, you and your fellow students play the role of a newly formed eBusiness technology task force at ebConsultants LLP a fictional company with real-world problems. Your mission is to help ebConsultants LLP leverage technology and will focus on projects in four key areas Health Care, Banking, Retail and Logistics. But you’ve got a long road ahead of you: ebConsultants LLP is in the dark ages technologically, with only a simple web presence. Some of the projects you will tackle with your team include:

  1. Creating a business case for ebusiness technology within ebConsultants LLP
  2. Reengineering the ebConsultants LLP website to make it easier to find on search engines
  3. Designing, building, and evaluating a highly-usable website
  4. Building the system and database design models
  5. Evaluating and selecting an ISP to host the site
  6. Designing an electronic self-paying invoice system
  7. Designing a mobile realtime, Available-To-Promise order entry system for cellular phones
  8. Using data mining techniques to identify products to sell